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LUXCOMB Downlight (SPOT 3 IN 1 SERIE) compliant with NHBC standard- January 25th 2020

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LUXCOMB offers a comprehensive range of LED lighting products and systems for both industrial and residential applications and our products are suitable for new construction and retrofit usage. All LUXCOMB products are designed and engineered be both durable and attractive while providing extremely long service life and, of course, extremely energy efficient. This means users will see a significant savings in energy costs while also providing almost endless choices for unique or challenging lighting applications.

Because LUXCOMB's name is on every product, we directly oversee all manufacturing to ensure the highest quality. All products are fully tested and performance data is available. Additionally, to ensure fast and reliable shipping all logistics are coordinated by LUXCOMB personally.

LUXCOMB values relationships. As a result, our products are available globally, but only sold through our National Dealer and Distributor partnerships which guarantees you are getting highest quality products sold through our trusted and well-established outlets.

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