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LUXCOMB offers a wide range of high-quality lighting components for virtually any application and all LUXCOMB products are fully guaranteed.


Why Become A National Distributor or Dealer?

High Quality Products At Great Prices

Because LUXCOMB works directly with our manufacturers, we are able to personally control the quality of our products to guarantee they meet our exacting specifications. Yet, because our products are manufactured expressly for LUXCOMB, not purchased through a broker, wholesale cost to our Distributors and Dealers remains low since we are able to pass a considerable amount of our savings on to you, thus keeping your profit margins high while your retail prices stay competitive.


Only National Dealers and Distributors have rights to sell LUXCOMB products within their respective regions, thus competition remains low because no one other than an authorized agent will ever sell LUXCOMB products.

Manufacturer Support

LUXCOMB provides significant support to all of our Distributors and Dealers. To make selling LUXCOMB's products easier, we provide both online and printed marketing and sales material to make available to your customers to familiarize them with LUXCOMB as a company as well as our extensive product line. All of our product packaging is designed to be attractive to your customers and includes all necessary information in compliance with international energy code requirements, which means all you have to do is put our products on the shelf.

After every sale, your customers are still looked after. Should any questions or issues arise after purchase, LUXCOMB provides end-user customer support for all of our products.

Distributors and Dealers Advice, Custom Orders, Research And Development

All our Distributors and Dealers have access to out extensive online product catalogue and should you need advice, technical support or additional product information, LUXCOMB is easy to reach and will assist you when specifying suitable products for a wide range of applications for your customers, which means you will always be able to make product recommendations with confidence.

LUXCOMB is also able to fill custom orders for our Distributors and Dealers which means that if your customers need a one-off product for a unique application, we can work with you to research, design and develop a solution to fill your need.

Reliable Supply And Shipping

All shipping and logistics are handled by LUXCOMB, which ensures fast and reliable transport of all our products, including custom orders, so you get them when you need them.

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