LUXCOMB LED PANEL Modular configuration

LUXCOMB LED PANEL Modular configuration

LUXCOMB 5 years Warranty

With the LUXCOMB system, the lighting circuits can be installed with sockets. Then the false ceiling can be installed, during the installation of the ceiling tiles the drivers and LED panels can also be installed. The system LUXCOMB allows then installation safely without tools required to connect or disconnect a driver as quickly as 10 seconds.

Optimized lighting made easy - One panel throughout a facility and different outputs achieved by just changing the drivers:

  • This is the example when we installed driver E2 and D4 together we can obtain a the best uniformity of light on the workplane
  • Here driver D4 is used at each corner of the room and the remaining drivers are E2
  • If we use the same driver everywhere we would not achieve an optimal result
LUXCOMB Optimized lighting made easy

Professional SERIES - DRIVERS

Model Product number
7013 11xx-E2 PANEL DRIVER E2
7015 11xx-E3 PANEL DRIVER E3
7016 11xx-D4 PANEL DRIVER D4
7017 11xx-E4 PANEL DRIVER E4
7019 11xx-E5 PANEL DRIVER E5
7033 11xx-E2 PANEL DRIVER E2 Emergency
7035 11xx-E3 PANEL DRIVER E3 Emergency
7036 11xx-D4 PANEL DRIVER D4 Emergency
7037 11xx-E4 PANEL DRIVER E4 Emergency
7039 11xx-E5 PANEL DRIVER E5 Emergency

Professional SERIES - CABLE

Model Product number
7000 2 meters cable C7 - C-Europlug 7/16" CEE - Panel Driver
7001 2 meters cable C7 - A-NEMA 1-15" US - Panel Driver
7002 2 meters cable C7 - G-BS 1326-FUSE UK - Panel Driver
7003 2 meters cable C7 - I-AS 3112 AUS - Panel Driver
7004 2 meters cable C7 - WAG O IN T - Panel Driver