LUXCOMB LED Downlights

The 600x600 square LED panels are the ideal product for T15, T24 or T35 suspended ceilings. Because of their very light weight (6.9 kg/m2), the panels easily replace 600X600mm grid ceiling drop-in lighting. Moreover the panels can be installed very quickly as there is no need for tools.

To add to our success, we have now developed Recessed Ceiling “Downlights” that are specifically designed for small and narrow spaces with low ceilings where focused light points are needed. In general architects appreciate the finishing of the recessed ceiling lights as they are very suited for luxury shops.

The Ultra-thin series ceiling lights have a perfect finishing and an exceptional light distribution due to 4 reflective films that enable a uniform diffusing of light.

Lumileds LED Luxcomb warranty 3 LED Luxcomb

LUXEON 3014 LUMILED delivers superior lumen and lead to better color accuracy with no spottiness and uniformity. More information are available on the Lumileds website at

LED Downlights Lumileds


Performance SERIES

Model Product number Angle (degrees) CCT (K)* Ra Power (W) Lumen (lm) Ø Hole (mm) Dimensions (mm)
1205 LD12840150 100 4000 80+ 12 885 Ø 130 Ø 150x30
1206 LD18840175 100 4000 80+ 18 1415 Ø 165 Ø 175x30
1207 LD18840210 100 4000 80+ 18 1490 Ø 200 Ø 210x30
1208 LD24840210 100 4000 80+ 24 1945 Ø 200 Ø 210x30
1209 LD30840245 100 4000 80+ 30 2545 Ø 235 Ø 245x30


Model Product number Angle (degrees) CCT (K)* Ra Power (W) Lumen (lm) Ø Hole (mm) Dimensions (mm)
1200 LD12840180 120 4000 80+ 12 900 Ø 165 Ø 180x16
1201 LD18840240 120 4000 80+ 19 1450 Ø 220 Ø 240x16
1202 LD11840240 120 4000 80+ 11 945 Ø ⌀ 220 Ø 240x16

Each Downlight is delivered with a disconnected con- nector LUMI-NUTS™. LUMI-NUTS™ luminaire discon-nect combines the only 20A/600V line-side rating and daisy chaining capability (two conductors per pole) for class-leading installation flexibility. LUMI-NUTS™ is the only connector that can loop power from one disconnect to the next for quick and easy wiring of multiple drivers or multiple luminaries — eliminating additional splices, time and labor. (included 1.5 meters of cable.)

* Color Temperature range is available in 2700-6500K, for more details please contact us

(option) 5 years warranty possible subject to usage application. Please consult your distributor.

Lumi-nuts LED Luxcomb