LED Track Light adjustable Luxcomb


The 20W and 30W adjustable track lights ideally replace all kind of Halogen solutions. With a saving of more than 1 Kw per day per spot, you will certainly lower your electricity consumption and reduce the use of the air conditioning as well.

With a modern and stylish design, the LUXCOMB 20W and 30W adjustable track lights offer great flexibility of arrangement and illumination of specific areas. Often suspended on ceilings or recessed, this line’s multiple use permits to enhance specific areas or items. In environments with high levels of luminosity needed eg.: commercial or exhibition areas, theatre halls, domestic and residential spaces these spots perfectly meet the challenge of providing directed intense light.

LUXCOMB ADJUSTABLE LED Track Lights 20-30W dimensions

Deco/Optimae SERIES - 20 TO 30W

Model Product number Angle (degrees) CCT (K)* Ra Power (W) Lumen (lm) Weight (kg) Dimensions (mm)
1300 TRAC-WW8-IW0-020-060 63 2700 80+ 20 1250 0.8 160x195
1301 TRAC-WW8-IW0-030-060 63 2700 80+ 30 2070 1.15 180x205

Professional Series RA 90 and 97 BRIDGELUX. Please contact us for more information.
  * Colour Temperature range is available in 2700-6500K, for more details please contact us


LUXCOMB Adjustable led track connetors


LUXCOMB ADJUSTABLE  LED Track Lights 20-30Wconnector mounting