LUXCOMB LUXCOMB the 3 in 1 Solution
Our Bestseller !

BREAKING NEWS : From Several years, LUXCOMB produce weatherproof, fire rating downlights with high lumens/watt for the UK housing market. In 2019 and 2020 in association with a I-JOIST producer we have do several test to guarantee at the housebuilder a total approval with last technical guidance NHBC : "RECESSED LIGHT FITTINGS IN CEILINGS TO INTERMEDIATE FLOORS IN HOUSES 6.4/10 - Aug 2019“ . All documents are available from our UK Team. Please write an This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to received it or any questions.

beginning 2020, more than 400,000 LUXCOMB light are lighting several tens thousands houses, offices and Warehouses trough all UK. With this experience, we know that CCC luminaires will bring you LUXCOMB 1453,1454,1555 is the choice of quality and peace of mind for your NHBC warranty certification and building control final certificates.

LUXCOMB the 3 in 1 Solution  Our Bestseller !

Installers particularly recommend this product for fast and easy installation in both new and renovation projects with a small hole Ø 70.

  1. Recessed small down-light (Ø 80 x 110 mm), fire rated. Available in three colors: White, Chrome and Satin metal.
  2. High performance Gu10 Spot (A++ : 560lm - 5W - 2700K - 60 degree beam angle), included and assembled in the small down-light.
  3. Quick-clip connector, no tools are needed to make the electrical connections.

Color SPOT 3 in 1 Solution - Our Bestseller LUXCOMB

Compared with a competing model, the time saved during installation was estimated at 2 hours for a renovation project requiring 30 small down-lights.

Thanks to our industry-leading experience and expertise, LUXCOMB has developed many other products and applications as well as OEM and ODM customer-specific designs. Discover the whole LUXCOMB product range on our website.

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Model Product number Color body Angle (degrees) CCT (K)* Ra Power (W) Lumen (lm) Dimensions (mm)
1453 FGU1-005-60-WW-HW0-2 white 60 2700 80+ 5 560 Ø 80x110
1454 FGU1-005-60-WW-HC0-2 chrome 60 2700 80+ 5 560 Ø 80x110
1455 FGU1-005-60-WW-HS0-2 satin 60 2700 80+ 5 560 Ø 80x110