LUXCOMB portable LED Floodlight 37-60W

The LUXCOMB portable LED Floodlight IP65 is powerful, efficient, robust and easy to handle. It requires no maintenance and is suitable for difficult environments.

The reflector, the housing and aluminum radiator allow effective thermal conductivity. Power is provided either with an 8M cable for the 60W version or with a battery pack for the 37W version.

he portable Floodlight is mainly popular for usage at yards, emergency services, railway servicing, industrial maintenance, airports, campsites, garages, boats...


  • IP65 / IP54 housing
  • 60W version : 8m Cable with UK adaptor
  • 37W version: Lithium-ion batterie
  • 37W version: Power servo amplifier
  • 37W version: Can be charged either by electrical outlet or 12V cigarette lighter socket
  • Handle for transportation
  • Resistant to shock and vibration
  • Excellent energy saving
  • Flicker free and instant full output lighting

LUXCOMB portable LED Floodlight 37-60W



LUXCOMB portable LED Floodlight 37-60W COTE

Deco/Optimae SERIES

Model Product number Angle (degrees) CCT (K)* Ra Power (W) Lumen (lm) Weight (kg) Dimensions (mm)
1900 FLST-CW7-AO0-060 160 5500 75+ 60 5400 5.4 415x325x445
1901 FLST-CW7-AO0-037 160 5500 75+ 37 3000 3.5 330x270x250

* Colour Temperature range is available in 2700-6500K, for more details please contact us