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LUXCOMB is a manufacturer of HIGH QUALITY LED LIGHTING. We create lighting products with the best components available on have high volume production - this results in the best efficiency 118lm/W.
We pride ourselves to work along two main business ideas :

“Attention to detail”
“Excellence in execution”

LUXCOMB has already successful tenders: multiple nationwide NHS Trusts, universities, schools, Warehousing and distribution, pharmaceutical  chains, non-profit organizations in several countries through-out the world.
We would like to share 3 of the projects we have completed in warehouse environments since 2013 (these projects have already been installed for 15,000 hours based on 24 hours a day and 365 days per year usage profile):

 REFERENCE 1 : FLOODLIGHT in Warehouse and Chiller 

PLEASE WATCH the visit
(2 years after retrofit LUXCOMB)
(2 minutes video)


 REFERENCE 2 : HIGH BAY in Warehouse and Chiller 

539y Picture3 1

Product: 1521 (HIGH BAY 150W)
Quantity: 561 pcs
Saving for784 MWh/Year 
62% saving,
349 Tons of CO2/year
Electrical Contrat (include lighting) > 1,000,000 USD

For the construction of this new warehouse, our client requested to have the most efficient lighting solution possible. We specified the LUXCOMB professional LED highbay, compatible with a High Bay PIR that allows to detect presence, and dim to 10% when the area is unoccupied. 2/3 of the Highbay were installed in to a multi temperature chiller.

Due to the energy efficient nature of this project, the electrical infrastructure requirements for the LED lighting solution were much less than the traditional lighting solution.  This in turn made the LED option almost like for like against the traditional solution.

 REFERENCE 3 : HIGH BAY in Production Facility 

539y Picture2 2  

Product: 1521 (HIGH BAY 150W)
Saving for 2013: 1,8 GWh/Year 

(3,456,491 kWh before and 1,617,494 kWh after)

53% saving,
840 Tons of CO2/year

Faced with an insufficient light level issue, primarily due to a dated 400 watt Metal Halide Highbay infrastructure which was operating at a highly degraded lumen output, coupled with a number of failed fittings,  the client chose to replace with the LUXCOMB 150W LED HIGH BAY.

The LED High Bay gives a much better quality of light for use in this production environment.  Within the storage areas we also incorporated sensors to switch the racked areas off when unoccupied.


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